"Commonplace: Conversations with Poets"

In the great company of Claudia Rankine, Rita Dove, Ross Gay, Sharon Olds, Morgan Parker and many others, DAP features on Rachel Zucker's powerful podcast "Commonplace: Conversations with Poets (and Other People)."  Listen to the full interview here! 

During this episode, Zucker speaks with Adam Falkner, Lauren Whitehead and Carlos Andrés Gómez about how working with DAP has affected their creative work, their teaching, their lives and their priorities. They talk about how a workshop model can be used in schools, offices, and organizations to reimagine and revitalize diversity education, the power of performance and first-person narratives, guidelines for encouraging openness and risk taking, how to invite vulnerability into the classroom in responsible ways, culture-based intentionality, the permission to start with the self, how and why to step out onto the vulnerable edge in order to dismantle the master’s house, coming out, seasonal personal and political grief, and visions for expanding the DAP’s reach.

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