In 2013, DAP and the Academy for Young Writers teamed up to develop and pilot a full-year Dialogue Arts elective for high school students.

Combining equal elements of creative writing, performance, interactive exercises and small group dialogue, this 36-week elective mirrored the mission of The Dialogue Arts Project in its efforts to strengthen student writing ability, promote the exploration of identity and diversity in structured, accountable ways, and improve student ability to communicate across difference. The academic and personal growth our students demonstrated was inspiring. Watch and listen below as several participants reflect on their experience.


Jasmine, sophomore, talks about how the DAP elective helped her grow from a “silent” student to a “more comfortable” communicator. June, 2013.

Brooklynn, sophomore, discusses the difficult year she had at Young Writers last year, and how the DAP elective helped her grow into a “more mature” and “level-headed” young woman. She also talks about how impactful the class was in improving her writing skills across academic disciplines. March, 2013.

Chynna, sophomore, shares about how the process of “working on dialogue” helped her become a more effective verbal and nonverbal communicator with people in her life outside of school. May, 2013.

Chris, sophomore, talks about how “different” the DAP elective felt compared to other classes, and how he was inspired by the guest artists that visited the classroom. After taking this class, Chris says he “judges people less” and is more able to “put himself in other peoples’ shoes.” May, 2013.

Precious, sophomore, talks about her age and gender, and discusses her mother’s powerful influence on her and her writing. February, 2013.